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The most popular adblocker for desktop browsers is now available for your Android phone and tablet. Block annoying ads on Facebook, YouTube & more, all over the web and for free.

Powered by Adblock Plus • High quality ad blocking • Market leader since 2006 • Downloaded over 400 million times

Fast, efficient browsing Ads can cause pages to load slower, eat up to half of your data plan and consume over 20% of your battery. Because it has an ad blocker built in, Adblock Browser can... • Load pages faster • Save your battery and data

Safe and private Lots of nasty stuff like malware and tracking can hide behind ads. • Reduce risk of malware infection • Enhance your privacy • Recommended by Stanford University, UC Santa Barbara, Electronic Frontier Foundation

You’re in control • Change the default setting to block all ads • Disable malware, tracking and more • Support ads on your favorite website

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