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The best app for chess lovers: Play against AI or online at FICS or ICC

- Selectable ELO Levels to adjust playing strength, from 500 to 2100, on 50 ELO points steps - Selectable time per move: changing the ELO and the time per move, lots of difficulty levels can be selected - Opening book with more than 30.000 positions: ensures variated funny games - Can undo/redo all moves - Send PGN by email: This way, you can analyze later your games on your PC - Graphical setup board, also can edit position’s FEN notation - On closing, saves the current game and it is loaded when the application is restarted

Play Online

- Play on internet at (FICS) or at (ICC) - Play as guest or as a registered user - Seek/offer match rated and unrated - View seeks posted by other users. Can sort seek list by username, rating or game time - Takeback, draw, abort, resign and rematch options while playing - Play, Finger and Observe, can also observe LectureBot on FICS or play ProblemBot/TrainingBot on ICC - Observe current played games in the chess server or follow highest rated games - Messages: read and send messages to other users - Game History: you can examine or send by email all your played games - Console to see server output and to send commands, also for chatting with other users - Timeseal (FICS) and Timestamp (ICC): avoids lag problems - Premove option: You can introduce the next movement in your opponent’s turn - Option to confirm the move before sending it to the server. Forward and Backward buttons are converted on Confirm/Cancel buttons - Supports wild chess variants: Atomic, Losers, Suicide and Chess960

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