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Rotten Tomatoes
69 /100
7.4 /10
imdb 46,912 Ratings


On April 15, 2013 Boston, Massachusetts, Police Sgt, Tommy Saunders is pulling security duty on the annual Boston Marathon when the Tsarnaev brothers strike with their homemade bombs in an act of terrorism. In the resulting chaos as the wounded are cared for, Saunders and his comrades join forces with the FBI to get to the bottom of this attack. As the investigation continues, the Tsarnaev brothers realize that the authorities are close to identifying them and attempt to flee the city to continue their fanatical mayhem. To stop them, a police manhunt is performed that would have bloody confrontations and a massive dragnet shutting down the City of Boston to make sure there is no escape from the law.

استنادًا إلى واقعة حقيقية، يتعرض الفيلم من وجهة نظر مفوّض شرطة بوسطن إد ديفيز فيما يتعلق بالأحداث التي أودت لتفجير ماراثون بوسطن عام 2013، وتوابع هذا الحدث التي شملت مطاردة في جميع أنحاء البلاد للعثور على الإرهابيين  وراء ذلك.



Mark Wahlberg, Dicky Eklund Jr., Michael Marchand, Rhet Kidd


Peter Berg


Peter Berg (screenplay), Matt Cook (screenplay), Joshua Zetumer (screenplay), Peter Berg (story), Matt Cook (story), Paul Tamasy (story), Eric Johnson (story)


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